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The current release of wwine is 0.7
wwine can be installed either from a tarball or via the rubygems utility.

Via rubygems

Run the following command to install wwine:
gem install wwine
When that command has finished, you can run wwine.


Download wwine 0.7 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 6762414f5069e64ca618b356a821b3ba)

Show older releases
Older releases:
Download wwine 0.6 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 7bd2ed0321574fb17da66155cc59cfad)
Download wwine 0.5 (tar.bz2) (MD5: b1eee2864996840558019e8e143239ae)
Download wwine 0.4 (tar.bz2) (MD5: af5c32d5b85f70142655be62139356e5)
Download wwine 0.3 (tar.bz2) (MD5: fd3af86d37c2b45630d3b4c57364aae4)
Download wwine 0.2.2 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 3893e67ea786e083f7ab5303d7e7328d)
Download wwine 0.2.1 (tar.bz2) (MD5: a7f94132b4253cfca127e7856f617060)
Download wwine 0.2 (tar.bz2) (MD5: f524c1d965de5e970b1f1e8faea022e8)
Download wwine 0.1.2 (tar.bz2) (MD5: edbd2645878cbf68df1d147979959a20)
Download wwine 0.1.1 (tar.bz2) (MD5: cfe26ff9641adb7fcfae03c31f7777f9)
Download wwine 0.1 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 6aa8fbfaacb552e8789715e1cb2ec38a)

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