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SPGal is a simple static XHTML gallery written in python. It can function as a drop-in replacement of the iGal and jGal static HTML galleries written in perl.

It generates simple, pretty and valid XHTML pages from a directory containing various images. It takes care of creating thumbnails and creates one page per file in addition to an index file.

The values of --title, --subtitle and --imgperline are saved in the spgal.conf file in the gallery directories, so that when you run SPGal.py the next time you won't have to enter them again. In order to change the saved values simply re-run SPGal.py with the new value.

The program depends upon ImageMagick and python. In order to use it you should simply drop SPGal.py and spgal_style.css into a directory containing images and then run ./SPGal.py. If you wish to change the look of the resulting pages, edit the CSS file. If SPGal does not find spgal_style.css then it will attempt to locate one and copy that.

SPGal is an acronym that stands for Simple Python Gallery.

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