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SLX-Dict is a small command-line program used to look up words in the norwegian common dictionary for computer words. Only useful for Norwegian translators.

SLX-Dict er eit enkelt kommandolinjeprogram for å slå opp i fellesordlista for dataord.


The current release of slx-dict is 1.0
Download slx-dict 1.0 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 5171fd94250c93bb5ddee8faca150fa4)

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Older releases:
Download slx-dict 0.6 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 61448290c42c6766bfa5222d11a487a0)
Download slx-dict 0.5 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 1afbd1325e1fb572d8a85cdd1c496f4a)
Download slx-dict 0.4 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 01e972683714899826d0bb5d42bfcc45)
Download slx-dict 0.3 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 1242866a34e341f527271792067d240c)
Download slx-dict 0.2 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 2b496aab976b9c5a737edec71bf0e5cc)
Download slx-dict 0.1 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 7767eaf09a401cf2fe70a6bdf96e1f0e)
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