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rotcelloc - the hacker's movie, tv-series and game collection manager

Rotcelloc is an application that manages your movie, TV-series and games collection. It takes CSV-files, or a Steam username, as its input, and outputs JSON files and a static web application that can be used to view and search a collection.

Rotcelloc will download posters for your collection, download metadata (plot summary, developer or director name, metascore) and generate a pretty (static) web application that can be used to view, search, filter and sort your collection in many ways. All functionality (search, filter, sort) in the web application is performed in javascript on the client, so there are no requirements for the web server and no server side configuration needed. Simply generate the collection on your local machine and upload it to a web server.


Download rotcelloc 0.1.0 (tar.bz2) (gpg signature)

rotcelloc release tarballs are signed with gpg by the author, Eskild Hustvedt, using the key 4096R/7374A722.

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