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gpgpwd is a simple password-manager for the Unix command-line. It manages a GnuPG-encrypted list of passwords and usernames, and allows you to easily retrieve, change and add to that file as needed. It generates secure random passwords that you can use, allowing you to have one "master password" (for your gpg key) that you can use to unlock unique random passwords for each website or service you use.

Key features:

An example session

# Add a new password
$ gpgpwd add
Adding an entry for
Random password: .ze1w/RJjqQ%FTr (copied)
  Enter /help for help.
  Enter a password to use a custom password.
  Just press enter to use the random password.
Using password: .ze1w/RJjqQ%FTr
  Enter a username for this entry.
  Just press enter to not store any username.
Username> myusername
# Retrieve that same password (with a typo in the name)
$ gpgpwd get example.ogr
Name                  Password                           Username
----                  --------                           --------
 (found using fuzzy search)         : .ze1w/RJjqQ%FTr (copied)           myusername
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